Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you ship to X country and how much is it?
A: We ship worldwide.  When placing your international order, please select your Country from the Shipping and Billing page.  The shipping costs for your order will be displayed on the next Shipping page prior to your checkout. Alberts Gifts does not pay for customs duties or import fees.

Q: Do you have a catalog with all your items?
A: We do not offer a product catalog from Albert’s Gifts.  We are a web based company and all items that are available are on the website.  Please check back on a regular basis, as new products are constantly being added to the site.

Q: What is the AlbertsGifts.com Privacy Statement?
A: The AlbertsGifts.com Privacy Statement identifies the AlbertsGifts.com "value-system" for the collection of, and use of, confidential information. The Privacy Policy implements the standards contained in the Privacy Statement.

Q: What is the AlbertsGifts.com Privacy Policy?
A: The Privacy Policy implements the standards contained in the Privacy Statement. The AlbertsGifts.com Privacy Policy identifies what information AlbertsGifts.com collects; how it is used; how to contact customer service; and the security safeguards for protecting the personal information provided by those who browse the Website or become customers of AlbertsGifts.com.

Q: Does AlbertsGifts.com collect my personal information?
A: AlbertsGifts.com does not collect information if you are merely browsing the Website. If you are a registered user or a customer, then AlbertsGifts.com collects two types of information for the sole purpose of providing your with products and services: information regarding your use of the Website and certain account information.

Q: Does AlbertsGifts.com share my e-mail address with others?
A: AlbertsGifts.com does not provide your e-mail address to our business partners for marketing purposes. We work closely with our business partners to select offers we believe will be of value to our customers. We may send you offers on behalf of our business partners. Keep in mind that if you take advantage of an offer from an AlbertsGifts.com business partner and become their customer, the partner may independently wish to send you offers. In this case, you will need to inform them separately if you wish to decline from receiving future offers from them.

Q: Do I have a choice about whether I want to receive e-mail marketing offers from AlbertsGifts.com?
A: Yes. While we believe that information about new products and services is a benefit for consumers, we understand that some consumers may prefer not to receive these e-mail messages. You may select to stop receiving AlbertsGifts.com e-mail offers, including information on new benefits, products and services, and offers we make on behalf of our business partners. In addition, each e-mail marketing offer includes a privacy message so that you can reply to the e-mail offer and request to be taken off marketing lists. Please note that it will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for your request to become effective. You can also opt out by changing your preferences.

Q: Does AlbertsGifts.com combine my use of the Website with information with information obtained from other websites within the company?
A: Yes. If you are known to us as a customer or a registered user, we may combine information about your use of the Website, and the online product or service you utilize, with certain other online and offline information we have about you on any other website sponsored or owned by the Company, and information you have provided to us. We also combine this information with information available from external sources such as the census bureau, but we do so in order to customize your online experience and present you with relevant online and offline marketing offers and updates.

Q: Does AlbertsGifts.com use "cookies"?
A: We may use "cookies" to enable the AlbertsGifts.com server to recognize you as a registered AlbertsGifts.com online service user when you reenter our site. Please refer to the Security FAQ for information on "cookies."

Q: How are customers notified about changes to the Privacy Policy?
A: Changes to the Privacy Policy are be noted in the Policy in a section for that purpose.

Q: How can I get more information about your online privacy policies?
A: For U.S. customers, please send us an e-mail at privacy@albertsgifts.com.

Q: How can I get information about my account?
A: If you would like more information about your AlbertsGifts.com account, please send us an e-mail at customer service@albertsgifts.com or call us at 866-242-4438. You can also go to the My Account section of the website once you have logged in.